Art school & Community Center

Colorobbia ART products all have European and American certification.
Our products are lead-free, nickel free and are completely non-toxic and are food safe.
Our products can be used safely: from Nursery schools to Art Therapy and for College courses.


We provide various clay-bodies in small easy to handle packages.
From the traditional majolica to natural white to a self-hardening (clay-base) which, does not require firing.
Whatever the technique modeling, hand building or slab work, we’ll be able to suggest the most suitable clays for you.


Explore your creativity with Colorobbia ART products: Glazes, colors, engobes and transparent glazes they are ready-to-use and waiting to be applied to your ceramic bisque ware.
LEC (2,9Kw) ceramic kilns are also provided to complete your art work.
Ask us and we will help you organize your creative studio!