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A world of colors

The “Colorful Trip” contains 8 products: 6 colors to choose from among the 96 available and 2 glazes, embellished with personalized accessories (apron and brushes). A fascinating kit, perfect for creating a complete and imaginative work of art.


Bon Voyage

In the “Luxury Journey,” you will find the 3 lusters (platinum, bronze and gold). An exclusive and precious box, in which we have provided for you, as a gift, the Colorobbia Art apron and the brushes selected for use with these colors.


A daydream

The “Daydream Box” is the packaging that represents the flagship of the Century Collection. A box that contains both the “Colorful Trip” and the “Luxury Journey.” You will also find the complete set of brushes and our apron as a gift in the Daydream Box.

Century Collection

a story in color

A century of history, tradition and passion.

With the new Century Collection line, we wanted to celebrate 100 years of activity of the Colorobbia group, identifying it as a symbol of renewal of a company tied to its history and origins, but which maintains intact the desire to evolve and respond to the ever-changing needs of the market. A clear message, to be communicated in the simplest way for Colorobbia Art: with the colors that have made history and that, today, take on a new look. 

A new visual and a new concept that flank the classic and winning formulation of the products, the company’s distinctive sign. A line intended exclusively for the web, a sign of the new millennium: a name that recalls the origins, a concept that anticipates the future.


The creative development of the Century line originated from the concept of Pop Art, an artistic current characterized by the desire for provocation and amazement, which was born and developed in a very strong urban environment.


The modern realism of Pop Art is expressed through the use of bright colors and everyday objects: small details that emerge in Century’s graphic design.


With the Century Collection, we explore 100 cities that color the world with their nuances. This new line of colors traces a global path, as well as universal: a collection dedicated to every enthusiast, wherever he or she is.

A story in color

A century of history to tell

A century of history, tradition and passion.

Retrace 100 years of history with a hundred colors with different textures, bright and luminous, or precious like gold and platinum, rustic like copper. Our long path over these years has brought us this far. The strong and decisive bond with the territory has prompted us to create this line exalting the various countries reached by Colorobbia, placing our colors at the center.



The entire collection’s graphic design developed into the creation of dedicated labels, in which complete visual attention was placed on two fundamental aspects of Century: cities and colors.

The line’s essence, therefore, emerges from the first moment in which the packaging is observed and immediately creates a coherent and unique visual connection with the products’ names.

The various cities of the world in Pop Art style envelop the whole container. In the center, the black box in full pop art style holds the name of the line and the Colorobbia Art logo.

The detail


Once fired, the color varies slightly, and for this reason, we considered it essential to show the transformed nuance as well.

At the top of the packaging cap, there is a stamp, in line with Century’s urban theme, colored with the reference hue and integrated with the color code, the chosen name and an icon that explains the connection between city and hue.

Urban Concept


The packaging is characterized by a chromatic combination that traces the line’s whole concept: black meets the metropolitan graphics of the labels, in a coherent and balanced mix.

Each color is accompanied by an explanatory note explaining the connection between the name of the city and the hue associated with it: a modern and fresh touch, which distinguishes the line for elegance and refinement, but at the same time keeps the link with history intact.

Fantasy in box


Choose the simplicity of a box containing the essential tools to create your work. In our shop, you may purchase three different types of boxes designed specifically for you and your needs. Each package is designed to contain your favorite colors, with a choice of 95 different shades and the indispensable glaze that gives the color brilliance once baked.


Buy your box with a click; you will receive an exclusive box with attention to every little detail, embellished with Century’s urban graphics and containing everything you need for your art.

A rainbow of colors


A new sparkling collection of colors to celebrate Colorobbia’s hundred-year anniversary.

Colorobbia, producer of clays, colors and glazes for almost one hundred years, with the brand Colorobbia Art makes "making" ceramics easy and accessible to all those who love to create, experiment, test themselves for fun, curiosity or to start a new profession.





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