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HCE 76 - Lisbon


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Lisbon: the golden Portugal.


Lisbon is the European capital of colors and decorated ceramic alleys. Also known as the city of gold with which it is identified in the official coat of arms, it has associated this shining gold.


Century Collection glazes are bright, intense and some glittered with metallic and sparkling effect, easy to use for any artistic level. Suitable for workshops, studios, ceramic cafes, studios and schools. Suitable for brush, dip, drops, sponge, finger paint decoration.

Dilute with water if necessary and mix well, then apply 1 to 3 coats on cookie. Possible subsequent application of HCE 001 crystalline apyombic will enhance their gloss. Firing temperature 950-970° (Orton cone 08-07).

Sizes8 x 7 cm
Colorobbia, a producer of clays, colors, and glazes for nearly one hundred years, with its Colorobbia Art brand makes "making" pottery easy and accessible to all those who love to create, experiment, and test themselves for fun, curiosity, or to start a new profession.





Registered Office:
Via Pietramarina, 53 50053
Sovigliana FI

Management and Establishment:
Via del Lavoro, 65 I 50056
Montelupo FI


Tel: +39 0571 7081
Fax: +39 0571 708800

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